Usability testing for technical products

On demand access to developers ready to test your API, framework, documentation, and more.

How it works

Submit your project and get matched with top developers for your technical usability testing. Watch as they run through your documentation and test your product.

Any language, any framework

Technical usability testing requires developers with the right skill set.

Automate your test runs

Want to automate your usability testing? We have an API for that.

Individually Verified Testers

All grokk developers and their skill sets have been fully vetted and verified.

Build a better product

Building products for a technical audience is hard. Ensure you're building the best product possible by testing with actual technical users.

Reduce your support burden

Remove inaccuracies and clear inconsistencies to cut down on your support burden.

Create an amazing developer experience

Create happier customers and build better relationships by delivering an amazing developer experience.

Are you a developer? Get paid to test

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Get paid to test products.
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Get paid for testing products that are made for developers like you.

How it works

Get paid up to $150 per hour for technical documentation review or product tests, such as API or SDK integrations.

Check out our demo video for an example.

Are you a company looking to test?

You're in good company

"Grokk adds a much needed layer to our release process and helps ensure that our software is ready for our customers."

Chris C



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